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Simultaneous interpreting with an interpreting booth

There are different ways to set up simultaneous interpreting: with sound-insulated booths for the interpreters, using portable interpreting systems or without any technical equipment via so-called 'whispered interpreting'.
Installation of interpreting booths is recommended for the following types of events:

•    events with large numbers of participants;
•    events which take place in just a single conference room;
•    events in which interpreting from/into multiple languages is required.

In comparison to the use of portable interpreting systems, the use of a sound-proof booth provides interpreters with much better acoustic conditions, since the words being spoken are transmitted directly via headphones, without any interfering noise from the conference room or hall which might distract the interpreter and make it more difficult to hear what is being said. In addition, the people listening to the interpreting can hear the words clearly and without any disturbing background noise. However, the fact that the interpreters are working in sound-insulated booths means that everything which is being said in the conference room will need to be picked up with microphones in order for it to be rendered into the different language(s).

If the installation of an interpreting booth is either prohibitively expensive for your event or too complicated from a technical point of view, then we recommend using a portable interpreting system.